Transformation to a new yard!

    This winter and it’s mild temperatures has kept the work flowing well into January!
    Designs are being worked on now for clients with the excitement and anticipation of the coming spring. Installations of fencing, laying sod, and yard clean up are underway. Planting installations will have to wait for spring when the guaranteed warm weather brings that eagerness to make this garden below, and others like it, shine and sparkle!
    This yard was bombarded by an enormous tree. It decimated a carriage house and made the yard completely unusable. See photo’s below for the transformation!

    What's left of large tree!

    Week of January 8th, 2012
    Lawn needs major help and regarding a must, existing fence a mess too!

    Yard in need of regrading and a spruce up!

    Week of January 18, 2012
    To start, a new shadowbox style fence brings a new look of clean lines and a much better view and appearance.

    Nice new fence! Top soil and regrading next step.

    Week of January 22nd, 2012

    Sod being installed and landscape taking shape. Garden beds will be cut in the spring and trees, shrubs and perennials planted too. Hard to believe this is the same location.

    Things are looking clean and beautiful-far different that only a month ago!
    Now there is a welcoming carpet soft lawn for the kids and family to enjoy.
    Soon the shade of River Birch and Hawthorn trees will give the family privacy and a new sense of place and the shrubs and perennials will offer texture and color. A new wonderful space to enjoy the warm summer days ahead.